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Floating licensing model authorizes the use of an application with the given number of sessions (users, hosts, etc.). The number of concurrent sessions is tracked, and the total number of running sessions of the licensed application at any time is limited by the maximum allowed sessions in the floating licenses purchased by the licensee.

Session is acquired by checkout operation and returned back to the pool by subsequent checkin. Maximum checkout validity time is limited by the product module parameter:

  • Integer maxCheckoutValidity - floating license maximum checkout validity, in seconds ("Maximum checkout validity" in NetLicensing Management Console / product module edit form)

Validity can be extended as long as needed by subsequent checkouts before the expiration time.

License templates

This licensing model requires one or more license templates of type FLOATING, each specifying a number of sessions and a purchase price. By configuring multiple license templates, one can build volume discounts, e.g.:

  • 10 sessions for 5 EUR
  • 100 sessions for 45 EUR
  • 1000 sessions for 400 EUR

Required additional properties specific to the FLOATING license templates:

  • Integer maxSessions - specifies the maximum number of sessions allowed concurrently per license.


Required additional properties specific to the FLOATING licenses:

  • Integer maxSessions - specifies the maximum number of sessions allowed concurrently per license. Normally it is copied from the corresponding license template, but can be changed later for each license individually. When multiple FLOATING licenses purchased, the total number of concurrently allowed sessions is the sum of maxSessions of all active licenses.

Besides, every session that is checked out is listed as

  • Timestamp sessionId_<sessionId>

custom property. Session can be forcibly checked in on demand by removing the corresponding sessionId_* property.


On validation, this licensing model requires validate parameters:

  • productModuleNumberN=<productModuleNumber>
  • sessionIdN=<sessionId>
    <sessionId> is any string that identifies the session uniquely. It is similar to the licenseeNumber
  • actionN=<action>
    <action> is one of:
    • checkOut - check out a session and assign it an identifier <sessionId>. If session with given identifier already checked out, its validity extended.
    • checkIn - check in session with identifier <sessionId>, returning it to the pool of available sessions.

Validation returns values:

  • Boolean valid - true if action is checkOut and operation succeeds, hence the product use is allowed. false on not successful checkout or when action is checkIn.
  • Timestamp expires - on successful checkout, provides the point in time until checkout is valid.

Validation response examples:

  • checkOut:


  • checkIn: