General Info

From January 1st, 2015, telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services are always taxed in the country where the customer belongs* – regardless of whether the customer is a business or consumer – and regardless of whether the supplier is based in the EU or outside.

* For a business (taxable person) = either the country where it is registered or the country where it has fixed premises receiving the service.

* For a consumer (non-taxable person) = the country where they are registered, have their permanent address or usually live.

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Implementation details

VAT Applicability

Below table summarizes how we apply VAT, depending on transaction participants and their location

Transaction participantsSeller countryBuyer countryVATNotes
Consumer to Consumer
EUEUNo VAT mention 
EUnon-EUNo VAT mention 
non-EUEUNo VAT mention 
non-EUnon-EUNo VAT mention 
Business to Business
EU (country A)EU (country B)No VAT (RC)customer must account for the tax (reverse-charge mechanism)
EU (country A)EU (country A)VATsame country
non-EUEUNo VAT (RC)customer must account for the tax (reverse-charge mechanism)
non-EUnon-EUNo VAT 
Business to Consumer
non-EUnon-EUNo VAT 

VAT Calculation and Vendor Type

Vat calculation depends on the vendor account type, which is either Private or Company:

Vendor type is managed in the Vendor Profile section of the NetLicensing Console:

VAT Calculation and Product.

For each product you can choose one of the two Vat Calculation Modes:

  1. Gross: VAT is already included in the specified price* 

  2. Net: VAT is not included in the specified price

* Gross mode is default for all new products and products created prior to introduction of VAT handling.

Vat Calculation Mode is managed via the Product Edit in the NetLicensing Console:

Shop and VAT Calculation Mode

  1. Gross calculation mode implies that the VAT is already included in the specified price, which is reflected in the NetLicensing Shop as a corresponding note below the shown prices:

    And VAT percentage and actual calculated amount shown on the checkout page as well as order confirmation: 

  2. Net calculation mode implies that the VAT is not included in the specified price and must be added on top of it, if necessary. Accordingly, NetLicensing Shop adds a note below the shown prices:

    Shopping cart view and confirmation page shows calculated VAT as a separate field: 

Changes to the Checkout Flow

Checkout page includes new fields, required for the correct VAT calculation: